[sticky post]Master post for MacGyver fic: Welcome to the Camelverse
I figured it’s finally time I did master posts for my fic, or at least the MacGyver fic – not that I have all that many titles, but so I have somewhere to link people to when I manage to wheedle them into feeding my ego I’m asked about it.

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And, whew.  Done!  Until I write some more.

I'd Like to Thank the Academy
Cheers to my 5,900+ fellow Hugo voters!  I understand that Noaaw Ard and Noah Ward were gracious in victory last night.

And yay!  I can use the alternate universe Hugo ballot as a suggestion list for new things to read!

The Deed Is Done
Just finished my Hugo ballot (and just in time, because today is the deadline).

Yes, I voted Puppy-free.  That was the entire reason I got a voting membership.  If you would have liked to have voted a no-pups slate but did not have the disposable income to frivol on a voting membership, I invite you to join me in my personal No-Pup Vicarious Thrills Members' Circle!  Share in my act of defiance, even if it's only through a proxy.

No, I did not acquire or read anything on the Sad or Rabid Puppies' slates.  No, I don't feel any remorse whatsoever for voting against something I had not read.  That's what the pups do themselves (vote against things they won't read), and I've made the decision to do it back at them.  I'm years past the point of automatically doing the wrong thing for the "right" reason (and not just because of the number of times I have been thoroughly screwed over as a result of other people doing the wrong things, or failing to do the right things, for the "right" reason).  (Although that does counteract the potential for remorse even more thoroughly.)

I actually deviated from the no-pup ballot in one instance:  I really loved Guardians of the Galaxy, which was one of their nominees.  I was, in the end, unable to rank it below works that I genuinely thought were inferior -- and which were not the creative work of the Pupheads.

Now we wait to find out the results.  I'm hoping for a lot of unused rockets.  I had, at one point, been thinking that this might be a good year for me to actually attend -- I have never been to a Worldcon, although I've been to many others, it's in Washington state, I know a lot of the lovely folks running it this year -- and they actually asked me if I would maybe come? -- but once the canine excrement started coming down, I was glad I had not made the commitment.  I feel deeply sorry for my con-running friends and acquaintances, having to preside over this mare's nest.  I hope that everyone who attends, other than the Pups, has a truly wonderful time, stays healthy, gets enough to eat and enough sleep, meets wonderful people and generally rocks out that weekend.

Meanwhile, back here in the No-Pup Vicarious Thrills Members' Circle, the Save button has been pressed, and it's time for us to have a drink, or a cookie, or both.  What'll you have?

Signal-to-Noise Ratio
peacock heart

I've spent a lot of time over the last two days watching the #LoveWins hashtag on Twitter (where, as most of the online world knows, you get an automatic little rainbow heart easter egg on the hashtag).  It's been, mostly, great -- astonishing and glorious and vibrant, a massive shout of joy.

The first 18 hours or so were the best -- I had hoped that the whole weekend would be good, given that it's Pride weekend in many of the major cities.

But, oh, the haters gotta hate.  And they gotta hate in your face, because it's just no fun pissing on other human beings unless you can force them to watch.

Trolls and hatersCollapse )

So, as I leave Twitter to itself for the time, I'm going to revisit some of the really, really good memories:

- Someone posted a meme shot of Jeff Probst doing a glad hands move on Survivor, captioned "Love Wins!".  Guess who retweeted it with glee?  Jeff Probst!

- Another celeb who posted in support:  Michael Des Barres.  (Formerly known as Murdoc)

- One tweet that went viral early on also got detached from its original poster, retweeted as an orphan, and eventually circled back around to its originator:  Cole Ledford, an amazing young activist who describes himself as "the 51st President of the US".

- Buzzfeed did a slew of fun roundups, including Disasters You Can Expect Now That Marriage Equality Is Here reviews the state of the countries that preceded the US in the fight. Don't worry about the title: it's tongue-in-cheek.

- So, so many goregous images of happy people, rainbows, rainbow flags, and major buildings and landmarks lit up with rainbow lights.

- I did a graphic of my own, using (of all things) a quotation from the Old Testament.  I had vaguely hoped it might get picked up as a peace offering between the gay and Christian (which is a Venn diagram with a huge overlap!!), but it's pretty much gotten lost in the torrent.  I suspect it would be regarded as blasphemous by the inevitable vocal minority.

- An ever-growing list of companies and sites, mostly on their Twitter feeds, rainbowed up their icons and logos and/or did special posts.  Chobani did three.  Others (Facebook etc.) put up widgets to add rainbow filters or hearts to profiles and avatars.

I saw a few cynical put-downs of this (and, of course, way too many pearl-clutching shrieks that I WILL NOW BOYCOTT ALL THE BRANDS), but the cynics don't seem to realize that major corporate branding decisions aren't something that gets slapped together in a few minutes and slapped online.  Most of them, I suspect, had been prepped for Pride weekend, and were pushed out ahead of schedule -- Ravelry did this, and said so in so many words.  The site owner then publicly held his delightfully calm ground against an incredibly shrill minority of pearl-clutchers.

Maybe some of the brands were bandwagoning, but I don't care even if they were.  It was lovely and shiny and I want to remember it.  Some of the brand responses were incredible works of art, and the advertising boffins who created them should be proud.  Two of the most incredible, subtle, elegant pieces were -- of all unlikely candidates -- cheap mass-market beer brands:  Miller and Heineken!  (Look closely at each of those; it may take a minute.)  Seriously -- Miller Lite?  Subtle and elegant and progressive?  I kid you not.  I may be a beer snob, but I'll have to set aside some of my own deep prejudices there.

Which is a wonderful thing to say on any day, but this weekend especially.

Sobbing and Smiling
peacock heart
Because when you go here:  US Map of Marriage Equality by State

it shows the whole country.

ETA:  if you haven't already, type "gay marriage" into Google and hit enter.

Google Gets It Right
I took the Earth Day quiz, and Google is proud to inform me:

You're a giant squid!

You can achieve anything to which you put your mind and/or your massive tentacles.

Hurrah!  Clearly, the pigeons know what they're doing.

Twelve Amnesiac Characters Forget to Walk Into a Bar
Welp, I actually did finish the 12 characters meme, and never had the energy to get the last section posted, what with holidays and bustle and bright stars going out in the sky.

The list of charactersCollapse )

Answers, Part One
Answers, Part Two

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Who let the hipsters onto the net?
Okay, so I've been enjoying my usual April Fool's Day evening, hopping around various sites and giggling at the fake news, fake promos, fake products and fake marketing.  As someone who loathes practical jokes, I adore the new face of April Fool's Day; I look forward to midnight on March 30th, when I can see what Google is doing this year.  Now that it's become a regular Thing, I have the pleasure of finding lists of Best of the Web, since I'm certainly not likely to find nearly as much good stuff on my own.
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a few more thoughts on Terry Pratchett
GNU Terry Pratchett

I've spent a good deal of time the last several days with Twitter open on a "Terry Pratchett" search, following a lot of links, reading many tributes, looking at fanart, occasionally posting things of my own.

Or, to put it another way, I've been participating in the global wake.  Because that's what it is.

cut for length but shouldn"t be disturbingCollapse )

My father and Terry Pratchett
No, my father never met Sir Terry Pratchett.  He probably never read any of his books, although he would have loved them -- especially the later, snarkier, more Twain-esque* ones.  Funnily enough, my father actually looked a little like Terry Pratchett, although he didn't wear a hat.

this may be hard reading for someCollapse )

Computer Fix
So, I cracked the screen on my iPad.


I didn't actually buy the iPad:  it was issued to me at work, although it's pretty much mine.  I can put anything I want on it, I pay for the apps, and if -- um, when -- it gets damaged, I pay for the repairs.

After the second time I had to get a cracked screen fixed, I swore that if I ever did it again, I would buy a goddamned repair kit and learn to repair iThingummies myself.

Annnnd . . . I got a really good strong nice leather cover for it.  Annnnd after a very long time, the cover got a little worn and the spine softened, and, well.  The crackage wasn't all that bad.  I could still use the tablet.  For the present.  Unless/until the cracking spread.

I did a good-sized heap of research, ordered a toolkit, ordered a replacement screen, and girded my loins to Do the Deed today.


My iPad works.  It has a fine new uncracked glass screen.  Total cost was $40, and half of that was the toolkit, which I can now use for future repairs.

I salute the lovely website ifixit.com, which did not hedge about the niggling difficulty, and walked me through every step in almost enough detail to make it truly smooth.  (Bumps do happen, but that's survivable.)  I did not rip out the wi-fi antenna, or damage the LCD screen, or snap the diogitizer cable, or otherwise screw up, although I did have to unscrew and rescrew the LCD screen four separate times while I figured out what I was supposed to do with the micro-cables.


Long and Prosperous Life
hanging out
I started watching Star Trek when it first aired.  I was in second grade at the time, and I completely and totally fell into fannish squee for the first of many times in my life (although I didn't have a word for it until decades later).  We had a black-and-white set then; I didn't see it in colour until years later.

For the rest . . . Wil Wheaton said it better, so I'm going to quote him.

"I was too young to fully understand why, but as I got older and looked back on those years, it became clear: I identified with Spock because he was weird, and cerebral, and he was different from everyone else. He was just like me, but the things that made me a target of ridicule on the playground made him a valuable and vital member of his ship’s crew. In ways that I couldn’t articulate at the time, I wanted to be Mister Spock because if I was, I could be myself – quiet, bookish, alien to the people around me and it wouldn’t be weird. It would be awesome."

I didn't have a word for what I was, but Mr. Spock gave me one.  Leonard Nimoy created a character that gave me a way to think about myself that wasn't an automatic self-denigration.  He may have done more than any other person to save my sanity as I struggled my way through childhood and adolescence.  Ultimately, I had to get beyond the Vulcan model -- Luke Skywalker turned up just at the right time -- but it was Spock who got me ready for the Jedi.

Excuse me now -- I'm going to be watching a Trek marathon for a while . . .

Sid died late last week, unexpectedly.  We have lost one of our brightest, warmest stars.

ZOMG Florida!!!
First same-sex marriages, this afternoon.  (One of the couples are friends of mine, and just the sweetest people!!)

12:01 am, Missy and I are officially recognized as married by the State of Florida, for what that's worth . . . but much more important, other couple can marry, here, without having to go to a different state.  I would have wanted to get married in Washington state in any case, but for many others, this is home.  It's where their hearts are.

They'll start issuing marriage licenses in some locations at 12:01, and mass weddings go off at 3 am!!  Sweet dreams for everyone tonight.  I can hardly believe it!

Twelve Characters Part Two
This is Part Two of Three.  I still haven't managed to fill the final prompt in this mad spree, nor have I given up on it, so there will be a third installment with the last handful of prompts.

The Characters, again:
How characteristicCollapse )

More QuestionsCollapse )

The first set of prompts from my F-list:

Idlewild’s prompt: poor studentshipCollapse )

Clocketpatch’s prompt: Cucumber sandwichesCollapse )

Campy’s prompt: the Doctor gets stewedCollapse )

Twelve Angry Characters Walk Into a Bar
Actually, they aren't all angry, although several of them are definitely mad.

This meme has grown to ginormous length, so even though I still have one prompt I'm hoping to fill, I'm going to post a first set of answers now.

When I picked my characters, I deliberately limited the list to just a few fandoms -- mostly in hopes that most of my F-list will be reasonably familiar with them!  I filled in with characters taken from mythology, which I suppose you could call one of my most important fandoms.

The results got really weird.  So it must have worked.
The characters were:Collapse )

The first set of questions and answers:

many questionsCollapse )
~ to be concluded ~

Quiet Christmas and Twelfth Meme
I've been really quiet lately, I know . . . not even commenting on posts, let alone posting, and not always online at all, except during fic_rush.   I miss you all!  A lot!  There is no great trauma or lurking trouble behind the quiet and absence; mostly, it's been a couple of dizzyingly busy months, with not a lot of energy.  We've had a very quiet and low-key Christmas as well.

Having entirely failed to write anything of substance in ages, I finally succumbed to the Twelve Characters meme, with handy generator, that Lost Spook and John Elliott whomped up between them.  However, before I post the cracky bits that I've already produced, I wanted to give the meme a chance to pick up even more random input from others.

So -- I have twelve characters.  If you have any prompts up your sleeve, feel free to present them in the comments!  If you've never seen this meme before, check out this journal entry for some samples.  Prompts need to use one or more of the mystery characters, by number.  (For example: "Six and Twelve have to cook dinner for Eight and Three.  What cuisine do they attempt?  Are they any good at it?  Why are they all having dinner together, and what happens when Two shows up uninvited?")

Random Positivity
Knock Knock
Because why not?

1 - We did get a handful of trick-or-treaters last night, and the ones we got were great.  Mostly quite young, all very cute, all in costumes that showed enough effort to make one smile and think "yay, kids and parents having a fun time" instead of "geez, why bother".  After the first batch had come and gone, Missy looked at me with big happy eyes and said "I am dying of the cute!!"  I agreed.

More squeefulnessCollapse )

Positivity 5
I kind of fell off the internet for a while there, and I'm finally getting the fifth of these posted!  I think I'll continue the series at random and arbitrary intervals, because why not?

happy things!Collapse )

Wholesale Fic Theft Alert
where's my cake?
Many thanks to Mandy and Juliet for the alert:


There's a blog out there that's been running since 2011.  The philosophy of the blogger seems to be "steal and repost without attribution, whine about Fair Use when caught, grudgingly attribute or remove only on demand."

I seem to be fortunate in that the blogger isn't interested in MacGyver or Stargate.  But Lost Spook, here's one of yours:


Folks, we need to stop this person.  She (or he) is not going to stop stealing unless she gets a major setback.  I recommend not only demanding takedown from her directly, but also telling her that you're reporting her for TOS violations.

Amnesia In the Icon Picker
Computer Fix
Or, "Picky, Picky, Picky".

A quick tech support post, since I'm making the same comment on more than one person's LJ:

The icon picker has developed amnesia -- or, rather, has lost its short-term memory.

About three days ago, the icon picker started glitching when you comment -- no matter what icon you select, it reverts to the default when you post. You can edit the comment and reselect the icon, and sometimes it will not revert again.

The only way I've found not to have to re-re-edit is to hit the "More options" button before posting and run it through a check, at which point you can re-select the icon and it will stick.

Please feel free to signal boost this.

(Rumours that the icon picker has also forgotten its name and the way home have yet to be verified, but are probably true.)

(You can pick your friends, and you can pick your icon, but you can't pick your friends' icons.  Right?)  Need coffee.

Positivity 4
1 - Missy and I watched the Agents of SHIELD premiere last night.  We were pretty underwhelmed, to be honest, so that isn't actually the positive thing.  After it ended, Missy asked, "Didn't we just get the new episode of Doctor Who?  Let's watch that now!"  (We get the new episodes through Nook Video, and they become available on Tuesdays.)  So we did, and it was WONDERFUL.

2 - It's now two months since we cut our cable.  Two months of our former cable bill is enough to cover the cost of the new equipment that made it possible (a digital antenna and a Roku streaming stick), with something left over for the content that we still have to pay for (new episodes of Doctor Who), and leaves something over for faster internet service.  Starting with next month, we'll officially be ahead!  And dear heavens I loooove it!  Just flipping off the cable companies makes me smirk.

3 - This evening after dinner, I sat and worked on new LOLMacs while Missy read to me.  She reads wonderfully, and she'd been saving an Avengers fic by scifigrl47 that I hadn't read.  Oh, domestic bliss of the deliciously fannish variety!  I'll get several evenings of this particular happy flavour, since it's a longish fic.

Bonus #4 - Along with the Roku stick, we got the following freebies:  two free months of Hulu Plus (has ads, boo), one free month of Netflix (no ads!  yay!!), and a credit at Movies to Go that we've only just now using up.  And I found out that I can watch MacGyver on Netflix on my iPad, which is so insanely fine that I have no words.  Is this really my life?

Problems Only Whovians Understand
Recent stumbled onto this wonderful article:  20 Problems Only Whovians Can Understand.

Including such gems as:
20. Constantly Resisting The Urge To Say, ‘I Told You So.’

19. Having To Learn To Love The Main Character All Over Again And Again
This has been happening since 1966, so you might be forgiven for thinking that we’d all made peace with it by now. . . . It’s amazing Whovian Fandom isn’t more rife with abandonment issues than it is, honestly.

17. Learning To Suppress That Vague Resentment Of Newer Fans
. . . ‘YOU! You with your Fez and your unbridled joy! You weren’t there in 1989, man… You never lived through the JNT years… You weren’t there to have your heart briefly given hope again before being brutally ripped from your body and stomped on in 1996! You don’t know, man! You don’t KNOW…!’

16. Learning To Suppress That Vague Resentment Of Older Fans

More teasers under the cutCollapse )

Read it all and laugh and weep!

Positivity 3
Blank Canvas
It seems that posting every day is beyond me, although posting positive things is not.  So this will take more than five days, but I figure that's acceptable.

1 - It rained today, with great enthusiasm.  I like rain anyway, especially around here, where it means cooler temperatures.  Instead of the high 80s and low 90s, it stayed in the low 80s during the day.  It's actually plunged all the way down to, gasp, 76 degrees right now!!

2 - With the rain and attendant electrical activity, the power went out at work at about 2 pm.  We get power outages all the freaking time, so every computer is on a battery backup, but the power blips are usually only a few minutes or even a few seconds.  This one just went on and on.  Eventually, I had to shut down the server (since its battery pack is not intended for long sustained support), and we all went home early.  I have to admit, I really loved going home early!  Especially on a Friday.

3 - Partly because I was able to leave early, I also got to the gym, for the first time this week.  (Usually I get there maybe three times, but being sick and tired interfered this week.)  I don't do a major workout -- I use the ellipticals, usually for half an hour to an hour, and read a book as I stride boldly along.  It was really good to get there again.  And it was raining again when I left, and nice and cool(ish)!

Bonus #4 - Fic Rush this weekend!  I'm too bleary to attempt to write this evening, but I have hopes for the rest of the weekend.  *crosses fingers*

Positivity 2
Weather Report
It's going to be short this evening, because it's late and I'm getting sleepy.

1 - Feeling much better, aches and congestion almost all gone.  Yay feeling better!

2 - Today's LOLMac is the second of a set of three, with the third to come Friday.  Both have gotten some lovely and hilarious responses so far.  Yay Flist!

3 - When I got to the office this morning, the A/C for the entire building was out of order.  I watched the temperature creep up through the day (I have a little thermometer I keep at my workspace), telling myself that if it got to 87, I was going to give in and go home.  They got the A/C working again in mid-afternoon, just as the temperature was nudging 87, and I got to watch with great joy as it backed down again.  Yay air conditioning!

Bonus #4 - yay for acclimatization; a year ago, I wouldn't have been able to function at all.  I'd've had to head home in a half-melted state.  (It did help that I remembered the little office fridge needed defrosting, so I spent a good half-hour up to my elbows in frost and ice.)


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