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Master post for MacGyver fic: Welcome to the Camelverse

I figured it’s finally time I did master posts for my fic, or at least the MacGyver fic – not that I have all that many titles, but so I have somewhere to link people to when I manage to wheedle them into feeding my ego I’m asked about it.

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And, whew.  Done!  Until I write some more.
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All clear

*waves to internets*  We seem to be past the worst of what was, for us, a very minor tempest in a modest-sized teapot.  We had plenty of rain but no really bad gusts, and we lost power for a short period of time earlier this evening.  Everything is back now, at least for the moment. *knocks wood*  I havent had a chance yet to walk around the house and check, but we didn't have any really bad thumps or bumps or sounds of calamity.  Shoot, I'll probably have to go in to work tomorrow.

Everyone think good thoughts of the folks to the north of us -- they're in a lot more peril than we were.
welcome to Florida
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Storm Season Redux

Quick check-in here --

Yes, we're in the hurricane watch zone for Matthew; the current track has the eye sliding past us just off the coast, but with a Storm Of Unusual Size, we'll still get plenty of weather where we are, a few miles inland.  We're not in a flood zone, but we're expecting EPIC rain tomorrow and Friday, and stormy winds of great storminess.  I've been told to expect that the power will go out, and to hope it won't be out for more than a day.

We have hurricane supplies, including lots of water; the house is stoutly built, and we just got shiny new storm windows and doors installed in February.  These are windows of great windowfullness, let me tell you!  We did NOT have to bolt sheets of steel to the outside of the house this year, which is an exercise that I do not miss.

As soon as the storm is past and we have power and internets again, I will post again here and on Facebook, so you'll all know I'm okay.  Wish us luck and fair (or at least reasonably just) winds!
Hands Off
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The Anti-MacGyver, Week 2

Last night, I waffled mightily over whether or not to turn on the TV set and see if the train-wreck-in-progress would stick to the rails -- any rails -- any better with Wan the Mighty Movie Director out of the picture.  I finally did, although a few minutes late.  (If there was a pre-credits sequence, I didn't see it.  Note that I do not say "I missed it.")

Week 2:

Nice callbacks to: Mac sleeping on the couch; Mac having bad dreams; Mac having a general show up when he's chilling out.  Pity that the "general" is his racist trope hilariously comical and clueless black roommate in a costume.  Roommate now knows what Mac's job is, after making a big point of him not knowing in the first episode.  Attempted funny banter is wrapped up with lame ugly borderline fag jokes.

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Mac my ass
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taking one for the team!

I think I'm going to livetweet the "MacGyver" premier, and make up the drinking game as I go.  Follow me if you dare!

(Also, I should note:  the quotation marks around the name "MacGyver" there are not because it's the name of a show.)
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So, the new "MacGyver" . . .

Pilot episode airs tomorrow evening; yes, I'm watching it; possibly with alcohol at hand in case there's pain that will need dulling.

I'm not madly optimistic, but I'm not completely pessimistic either.  Some of what I've seen so far is reasonably promising; I'm also willing to cut them some slack for the first handful of episodes, because you have to do that with any new series.

But, o lordy, just based on press comments, the new producers have steered straight for some of the rocks.  At full speed.

Who else will be watching, and in what mindframe?  What tropes shall we use for the drinking game?  I'm expecting to chug at the inevitable fridging.
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The Deed Is Done

Just finished my Hugo ballot (and just in time, because today is the deadline).

Yes, I voted Puppy-free.  That was the entire reason I got a voting membership.  If you would have liked to have voted a no-pups slate but did not have the disposable income to frivol on a voting membership, I invite you to join me in my personal No-Pup Vicarious Thrills Members' Circle!  Share in my act of defiance, even if it's only through a proxy.

No, I did not acquire or read anything on the Sad or Rabid Puppies' slates.  No, I don't feel any remorse whatsoever for voting against something I had not read.  That's what the pups do themselves (vote against things they won't read), and I've made the decision to do it back at them.  I'm years past the point of automatically doing the wrong thing for the "right" reason (and not just because of the number of times I have been thoroughly screwed over as a result of other people doing the wrong things, or failing to do the right things, for the "right" reason).  (Although that does counteract the potential for remorse even more thoroughly.)

I actually deviated from the no-pup ballot in one instance:  I really loved Guardians of the Galaxy, which was one of their nominees.  I was, in the end, unable to rank it below works that I genuinely thought were inferior -- and which were not the creative work of the Pupheads.

Now we wait to find out the results.  I'm hoping for a lot of unused rockets.  I had, at one point, been thinking that this might be a good year for me to actually attend -- I have never been to a Worldcon, although I've been to many others, it's in Washington state, I know a lot of the lovely folks running it this year -- and they actually asked me if I would maybe come? -- but once the canine excrement started coming down, I was glad I had not made the commitment.  I feel deeply sorry for my con-running friends and acquaintances, having to preside over this mare's nest.  I hope that everyone who attends, other than the Pups, has a truly wonderful time, stays healthy, gets enough to eat and enough sleep, meets wonderful people and generally rocks out that weekend.

Meanwhile, back here in the No-Pup Vicarious Thrills Members' Circle, the Save button has been pressed, and it's time for us to have a drink, or a cookie, or both.  What'll you have?