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Knock Knock
MacBeth lolmac wrote in bethinexile
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Random Positivity
Because why not?

1 - We did get a handful of trick-or-treaters last night, and the ones we got were great.  Mostly quite young, all very cute, all in costumes that showed enough effort to make one smile and think "yay, kids and parents having a fun time" instead of "geez, why bother".  After the first batch had come and gone, Missy looked at me with big happy eyes and said "I am dying of the cute!!"  I agreed.

We live in a quiet subdivision, reasonably well-lit, although with not that many small kids, so we usually get at least a few trick-or-treaters.  I really like it -- in my Seattle apartments, I pretty much never had a front door that a kid could get to.  This year, the ones we got were out later than usual, probably since it was a Friday night.

1.1 - Not only were they charming, they were incredibly well-mannered.  I'm used to doling out candy by the single piece, but Missy's approach is to proffer the bowl, which is full of mixed candy, and let the kids pick.  There's always the question of how much they'll take, of course, and whether they'll have to be warned not to grab fistfuls.  Well -- nobody did, or even tried, or even seemed inclined to try!  One piece each, or two at the most -- as the evening drew later, I was ready to encourage them to take more!

1.2 - We had absolutely no older boys in street clothes.  We sometimes get these, and they really, really irritate me.  Guys, I'll give you some freaking candy even if you clearly need a shave instead, but ffs, at least pretend that you give enough of a shit to put on some kind of lame attempt at a costume.  (One friend of mine used to keep a supply of cheapass Halloween stickers, which she gave to anyone over 18, usually with a fatuous remark.)

1.3 - We also saw no costumes that I would class as "ickily sexualized".  (Bearing in mind that, in this climate, you could trick-or-treat in a bikini and not get too cold.)  Saw quite a few superheroes, of both genders.

1.4 - The very best of the trick-or-treaters were, in fact, older kids:  two girls, probably about 14 or 15.  They were wearing great costumes -- one had on a long glittery black velvet evening dress with a high Mandarin-style collar, the other was wearing a sort of jungle-girl outfit in fake fur (but still not overly sexualized, yay!)

When we opened the door, they greeted us with tidings of the season, and announced that they were there to bring us "gifts of poetry and song"!  The girl in the evening dress then recited the first verse of "The Raven" -- not terribly well (lots of gesturification), but at least as well as I could have done at that age.

I smiled and asked the other girl if she was also offering something, or if they traded off at different houses.  She said, "We take turns, but I'll sing you something if you like."  And she did.  I didn't recognize the song, but daaaaammmn, she had a terrific voice -- pure tone, good support, wonderfully lovely and unaffected!!

They then asked if they were "worthy of candy", and I was already proffering the candy basket.  Hell, yes.  I told them to take a handful each!

Best trick-or-treaters ever!!!

2 - Oh, yes, Missy's costume!  I had to dive back into that project as soon as we got back from my birthday trip to the Keys (which is why I haven't yet posted anything about that trip, eep).  The deadline was Thursday, since that's when the staff party was.  I put the finishing touches on it on Wednesday night -- not, I am glad to say, at a ghastly late hour.  She looked fabulous! And she was so pleased!  I tried to get a picture, but mine came out very badly; I'm hoping for better ones from the party itself.

She was Mother Goose, and her staff members who were at the event (that is, the ones working that day) came as the Queen of Hearts, Old King Cole, and the Cat with the Fiddle.  And yes, readers, they won, hands down, and got a lovely giant fruit basket for a prize.  I personally got a great big Smug, which I'm still wearing.

3 - ZOMG, COOLER WEATHER.  I actually have the windows open!  I can't begin to express how much I miss fresh air during the hot sticky months.  I'm incredibly grateful for A/C, and for the income that allows us to be able to afford it, but ZOMG FRESH COOL AIR.

Ahhh, this post definitely made my afternoon, lol!! YAY for awesome costumes - and how kickass were those teenage girls?! Good way to get treats and seems a fair tradeoff. *Beams*


They were FANTASTIC!

You may check my Facebook if you want to see what I made for The Whirlwind. It's a little ungainly because I made her the size 14, while she is genuinely a size 12, except in her brand shiny new bustline, which would have been crushed. Somewhere I have the reference works that would have helped me tailor it exactly, but time constraints did not allow for anything elegant. I just took a few inches off the back and literally took scissors to the extra skirt length. She was one of an entire tribe (horde?) of Elsas from Frozen. Totally unoriginal, and if I were a parent who didn't remember how important it was for me as a child to indulge, for one night, in believing I was that being I aspired to be, I would have vetoed it on the grounds that, well, Disney princess!. Even this one, who ends up discovering her power and without the requisite prince, encourages aspiring to magical power and Nordic beauty. I was Superman and a mini-dragon in my time, and if I were my youngest sister's age I probably would have been Indiana Jones. But she is not me, and deserves her own dreams, even if they are not the ones I would would have chosen for her.
Especially if they are not. She was so totally happy that it well repaid the effort.

We hold out our cauldron, and yes, it's a copper cauldron with the capacity of a restaurant stock pot, and urge the kids to be piggy. We started out filling the thing because we are on the direct route our small rural town to the bigger town nearby where the houses are close together, and the take is good, and I taught swimming and French to the kids in town, so plenty of people came by. Now we keep it up as the school age population has contracted and I'm no longer teaching because a family of six kids, whose parents will only allow them to trick or treat when they are young, stops by late in the night, and with my permission, the final kid practically cleans me out, on the condition that she shares with her sibs. I taught them all, and good family manners teaching should be rewarded. In a few years, when she ages out, we will buy as much and send the extras off to our grown kids, because my kids, when they age out, (next year or the year after for The Whirlwind) are guaranteed a take from the cauldron, and I like to ensure we offer them lots of variety.

Eeeeeee! Cooler weather! My birthday wish for you arrived (with a late is better than never sticker).

I gather that Elsa was the hot item this year overall - Missy mentioned seeing several at the library. At least she's her own person, as you say.

I remember one year, after the Three Musketeers film with Michael York came out, insisting on going as D'Artagnan. That was fun. (Also, it was a good warm costume -- we had snow on the ground that year.)

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What a great Halloween! Blessing of the season on you!

And Samhain blessings to you and yours!

Pictures! I must see Mother Goose! :D

Hooray for performing trick-or-treaters!

They were truly kick-ass. I wanted to adopt them!

Hooray for awesome costume skills. I'm glad they won, you definitely deserve a big old SMUG.

Our favourite trick-or-treaters were a little girl dressed as Persephone, and her friend dressed as the Queen of Hearts with a crown made of playing cards, and a little boy dressed as a Jawa. "Of course I'm a Jawa. What else would be wearing a brown robe and unable to find its hood?" he said self-deprecatingly as he twisted around on our front porch trying to get his costume hood up. We waited until after he had gone to burst into giggles. He was such a sweetie.

Dawwww . . . !

I love it that you had a Persephone at all!

This is such a fun post! I'm tickled at your best trick-or-treaters.

I went to a party at Taj's mom's house and it was fun. We played a murder-mystery, though, and I was the murderer, and I didn't like that. It made me anxious. Mostly, though, it was just chatting, which was fine. Had a few funny moments with people I didn't even know, which is always good.

I was tickled with the costumes I made this year. Outfitted myself, Taj, and hubby. Pics at my LJ, and I'm proud of the work on these. Like, whoa. Made hubby's costume in less than 24 hours, so I win everything. ;)

And we had a few trick-or-treaters, too. I gave candy to the most polite candy-grabber ever. About six, and said thank you at least four times. Loved it. A little vampire.

I showed the picture of your costumes to Missy, and we both squeed!


As you do... ;)

I'm you had such a good time being trick or treated!:)