MacBeth (lolmac) wrote in bethinexile,

Quiet Christmas and Twelfth Meme

I've been really quiet lately, I know . . . not even commenting on posts, let alone posting, and not always online at all, except during fic_rush.   I miss you all!  A lot!  There is no great trauma or lurking trouble behind the quiet and absence; mostly, it's been a couple of dizzyingly busy months, with not a lot of energy.  We've had a very quiet and low-key Christmas as well.

Having entirely failed to write anything of substance in ages, I finally succumbed to the Twelve Characters meme, with handy generator, that Lost Spook and John Elliott whomped up between them.  However, before I post the cracky bits that I've already produced, I wanted to give the meme a chance to pick up even more random input from others.

So -- I have twelve characters.  If you have any prompts up your sleeve, feel free to present them in the comments!  If you've never seen this meme before, check out this journal entry for some samples.  Prompts need to use one or more of the mystery characters, by number.  (For example: "Six and Twelve have to cook dinner for Eight and Three.  What cuisine do they attempt?  Are they any good at it?  Why are they all having dinner together, and what happens when Two shows up uninvited?")
Tags: check-in, memery, prompts
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