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MacBeth lolmac wrote in bethinexile
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ZOMG Florida!!!
First same-sex marriages, this afternoon.  (One of the couples are friends of mine, and just the sweetest people!!)

12:01 am, Missy and I are officially recognized as married by the State of Florida, for what that's worth . . . but much more important, other couple can marry, here, without having to go to a different state.  I would have wanted to get married in Washington state in any case, but for many others, this is home.  It's where their hearts are.

They'll start issuing marriage licenses in some locations at 12:01, and mass weddings go off at 3 am!!  Sweet dreams for everyone tonight.  I can hardly believe it!

I have been watching this news progress and thinking of you two. Congratulations to Florida, finally! And congratulations on one less piece of legal inconsistency about your life! Rooting for the Supreme Court to have to do something Federal soon, but meanwhile the states keep popping along.

I'm not looking for any SCOTUS actions again for some time to come; I think they've firmly tossed the ball back for the time being, with every expectation that it will be bashed around thoroughly.

I was under the impression that the ornery ruling by the 6th circuit was going to toss it right back to the Supremes. Either way, I think the progress is going to be hard to stop! It is my fond hope that this tide will lead to gains in other anti-discriminatory legislation in many states. I'd invite everyone to come live in MA but it's going to be -19 celsius on Thursday so...

(Ooh. Maybe more fed news soon: http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/courts_law/as-gay-marriages-begin-in-florida-supreme-court-is-set-to-meet-on-issue/2015/01/05/ee0edaf8-9513-11e4-aabd-d0b93ff613d5_story.html)

Yay! I love being proved wrong, at least about things like this!