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MacBeth lolmac wrote in bethinexile
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ZOMG Florida!!!
First same-sex marriages, this afternoon.  (One of the couples are friends of mine, and just the sweetest people!!)

12:01 am, Missy and I are officially recognized as married by the State of Florida, for what that's worth . . . but much more important, other couple can marry, here, without having to go to a different state.  I would have wanted to get married in Washington state in any case, but for many others, this is home.  It's where their hearts are.

They'll start issuing marriage licenses in some locations at 12:01, and mass weddings go off at 3 am!!  Sweet dreams for everyone tonight.  I can hardly believe it!

That is a great quote and I understand what you are saying, really. But still it does not feel right to me that Nazis from all over Germany have the right to march through my city while the people that don't want them here and try to stand in their way and block their parade, get then a trial because apparently it is forbidden to do so...

As for equality, if I go back to my school comparison. Before the war, only kids from rich people could go to university, no matter how dumb, and kids from poor workers no matter how bright could not, because they did not have the money.

Then in GDR times it got changed that the university was free for everyone, and it should not matter how poor or rich they were. Great! I agree with that! But what I didn't know at the time and still have a hard time believing but it must be true because I keep reading about it - that the kids that did not belong to the working class were now forbidden to go to university simply because they had the wrong parents. That is still racism, only the other way round. It's not the kid's fault that their father is a professor.