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MacBeth lolmac wrote in bethinexile
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ZOMG Florida!!!
First same-sex marriages, this afternoon.  (One of the couples are friends of mine, and just the sweetest people!!)

12:01 am, Missy and I are officially recognized as married by the State of Florida, for what that's worth . . . but much more important, other couple can marry, here, without having to go to a different state.  I would have wanted to get married in Washington state in any case, but for many others, this is home.  It's where their hearts are.

They'll start issuing marriage licenses in some locations at 12:01, and mass weddings go off at 3 am!!  Sweet dreams for everyone tonight.  I can hardly believe it!

w00t w00t! I would have said congrats but you've been married for a while! So demi-congrats :D

...Although does this mean your marriage was not recognised by the state of Florida until now? WTF.... I mean, internationally there's treaties and stuff, that stuff doesn't work within the US?

Edited at 2015-01-07 08:04 (UTC)

Hah, talk about a fucked-up situation (if you'll excuse my terminology)! The US Constitution is supposed to require that any contract -- including a marriage -- that's recognized by one state must be recognized by all. But there's also an out where something legalized by one state (such as driving over 65 mph in certain locations) is not thereby made legal in all states. The douchebags have been applying this to same-sex marriage since it first existed, which is a crock, but it's how the world has wagged.

This also meant that a same-sex couple who married in another country were not legally recognized as married in the US, even if they were citizens of the other country. VERY fucked-up.

Our legal marriage, in the state of Washington, was recognized by the county in Florida where we live, and also the county where I work. It was recognized by the federal government for tax purposes, by my employers, by Missy's employers (for pension and health insurance etc.), by the insurance company and a slew of other companies, such as the firm where I have my retirement accounts.

It was not legally recognized by the state of Florida itself, which is divided between a liberal south, where most of the businesses and money and younger population is located, and a hideously conservative right-wing north, where the politicians and the state government and the political power are all entrenched. Basically, north Florida is part of the US Deep South -- racist, hidebound, sexist, homophobic, etc., and clinging to power by any means possible (gerrymanding, general corruption, obscene amounts of cash) in the face of demographics.

And, of course, the governor and the state attorney general are both members of that group.

The recognition issue would have had an impact if we'd retired and wanted to collect Social Security (a federal program administered by the states), if one of us had died, if we had kids, if we lived elsewhere in the state, or if we wanted a divorce. None of these were true, but there are thousands of couples for whom the distinction is critical.

The dominos are falling faster now partly because the situation is literally untenable. I can tell, just by reading the interim regulations, that there are some pissed-off people at the federal level because a program that's supposed to be consistent has been blocked at the local level. They are practically slavering to see it past that hump.

This is so incredibly ridiculous. I honestly can't see how something that's recognised on a federal level isn't recognised on a local level, that's just fucking insane.

Well, WAS fucking insane, at least the sex-same marriage bit! Racist, sexist, homophobic etc Conservatives in general are a bit harder to defeat I guess :(

It's still fucking insane in 24 of our states, but there are now legal challenges in every one of them. I spent a few minutes staring in astonishment at the newest version of the Right-to-Marry map -- it's still hard to believe how far we've come in such a short time!