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So, I cracked the screen on my iPad.


I didn't actually buy the iPad:  it was issued to me at work, although it's pretty much mine.  I can put anything I want on it, I pay for the apps, and if -- um, when -- it gets damaged, I pay for the repairs.

After the second time I had to get a cracked screen fixed, I swore that if I ever did it again, I would buy a goddamned repair kit and learn to repair iThingummies myself.

Annnnd . . . I got a really good strong nice leather cover for it.  Annnnd after a very long time, the cover got a little worn and the spine softened, and, well.  The crackage wasn't all that bad.  I could still use the tablet.  For the present.  Unless/until the cracking spread.

I did a good-sized heap of research, ordered a toolkit, ordered a replacement screen, and girded my loins to Do the Deed today.


My iPad works.  It has a fine new uncracked glass screen.  Total cost was $40, and half of that was the toolkit, which I can now use for future repairs.

I salute the lovely website, which did not hedge about the niggling difficulty, and walked me through every step in almost enough detail to make it truly smooth.  (Bumps do happen, but that's survivable.)  I did not rip out the wi-fi antenna, or damage the LCD screen, or snap the diogitizer cable, or otherwise screw up, although I did have to unscrew and rescrew the LCD screen four separate times while I figured out what I was supposed to do with the micro-cables.

Tags: geekery, shiny things
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