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Computer Fix
MacBeth lolmac wrote in bethinexile
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So, I cracked the screen on my iPad.


I didn't actually buy the iPad:  it was issued to me at work, although it's pretty much mine.  I can put anything I want on it, I pay for the apps, and if -- um, when -- it gets damaged, I pay for the repairs.

After the second time I had to get a cracked screen fixed, I swore that if I ever did it again, I would buy a goddamned repair kit and learn to repair iThingummies myself.

Annnnd . . . I got a really good strong nice leather cover for it.  Annnnd after a very long time, the cover got a little worn and the spine softened, and, well.  The crackage wasn't all that bad.  I could still use the tablet.  For the present.  Unless/until the cracking spread.

I did a good-sized heap of research, ordered a toolkit, ordered a replacement screen, and girded my loins to Do the Deed today.


My iPad works.  It has a fine new uncracked glass screen.  Total cost was $40, and half of that was the toolkit, which I can now use for future repairs.

I salute the lovely website ifixit.com, which did not hedge about the niggling difficulty, and walked me through every step in almost enough detail to make it truly smooth.  (Bumps do happen, but that's survivable.)  I did not rip out the wi-fi antenna, or damage the LCD screen, or snap the diogitizer cable, or otherwise screw up, although I did have to unscrew and rescrew the LCD screen four separate times while I figured out what I was supposed to do with the micro-cables.



Your awesomeness is immeasurable!


I bow to your superior skills and determination!!

The weird thing is that, although I was nervous as hell while I was doing it, I realized partway through that I had been assuming, as a given, that I would be able to do it. That kind of took me aback. When did I gain that much confidence?

I dunno why you haven't always been aware of your Awesome. I glommed onto that one immediately. The idea of you NOT being able to fix it would have boggled me more, really, lol!


Well done you! \o/

Wow! Go you!

Woo hoo! You are now an official computer repair person! I bet it would have cost more than $40 to pay to get it fixed too. Good job:)

Getting it fixed by a pro costs $300 if you have Apple do it (or so I'm told), and $140-175 if you get it done at any of the many many non-Apple repair shops (as I know from painful experience).

Since I get to keep the tool kit, the next one should cost $20-30, as long as I don't have to replace the LCD as well!

Cor, that is a saving! You could build a LCD screen out of two torch bulbs and sweetie wrapper now you have der skillz;p

Good job! I have a cracked screen phone here, courtesy of a Jimmy Buffett parking lot last year *grin*...and I'll do it one of these days.

The ifixit.com site has guides for phones as well, and I'll cheerfully endorse them! I'll probably get to learn phones next myself, since one of my co-workers cracked his recently and was very enthusiastic and supportive when I told him about my plans to fix my iPad.

Yeah, I dropped my phone last may and cracked the screen in an amazing pattern. But I got used to it within a few days and never bothered to fix it due to it being an iPhone 4 and not worth putting anything into. Recently, it decided that, being an iPhone 4 and over four years old and having been thrown across Peachtree Street in Atlanta at least twice and dropped more times than can be counted and such, that it was tired of getting texts in a timely fashion.

This was problematic for me, so despite the genetically gifted battery of that phone, which required charging every third day on average and only every other day even at a con, I gave it up. The fact that it was maxed out on its 32G memory helped that decision, too.

I've switched over hubby's old iPhone 4S. I just wiped it, backed up my old phone, and swapped their contents and their SIM cards. Easy peasy, and it's a big improvement in many ways, but it has a crapped out battery I have to charge pretty often, so I have two repairs to make to iPhones:

1-fix the screen on my old phone now that there is no real risk of destroying something important, since it's no longer my main phone. But fix it because it's a GREAT iPod that I only have to charge about once a week. Used it all the way through the Can-Am and still had plenty of power.

2-change out the battery on the 4S.

So, the site is helpful, and one of these days, I'll get around to these little fixes. :)