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Who let the hipsters onto the net?

Okay, so I've been enjoying my usual April Fool's Day evening, hopping around various sites and giggling at the fake news, fake promos, fake products and fake marketing.  As someone who loathes practical jokes, I adore the new face of April Fool's Day; I look forward to midnight on March 30th, when I can see what Google is doing this year.  Now that it's become a regular Thing, I have the pleasure of finding lists of Best of the Web, since I'm certainly not likely to find nearly as much good stuff on my own.

So . . . this year, practically every site with a Best Jokes list has been compiled by someone spouting some version of "Jeez, this stuff is so lame, I can't believe anyone still does this crap, when can I stop compiling this list?  I am sooo eyerolling over here.  Why do these companies think they're fuuuuuny?  Like I wanted to watch all these vids, save me from these pathetic attempts at humour, brands should never try to be funny, sooo over this."

Excuse me?

Would you prefer fart jokes?  How about thinly-disguised abuse with a racist/sexist/homophobic overtone?  What will meet your exacting standards for humour?

True, some attempts are better than others, some are hilarious, others are lame.  Many are predictable.  Yes, there sure is a lot of it going on.  Yes, some of these offerings are from companies that suck.  Yes, they're taking a lot of potshots at self-absorbed hipsters and gearheads.  (Hey, maybe that's why you aren't enjoying the jokes this time around.)  Yes, some of it's being done by PR and marketing departments who hope to catch the world's attention.  Honestly?  If they want to try to get my attention by making fun of themselves, that's fine with me.  At worst, I'll shrug instead of laughing, and go giggle at yet another product for cats, or silly variation on a dating site, or idiotic gadget for taking selfies.

There's a Texas bureaucrat who's saying rude things about Comic Sans -- yes, obvious, but hell, it's a Texas bureaucrat doing it!  There's a politician lobbying against bills with horrible acronymic names!  Goodreads will find your perfect mate by comparing bookshelves, Google is launching a cloud platform using actual clouds, and Airbnb is apologising for the glitch that has been allowing people to book (and take) trips through time.

Yo, hipsters -- if you don't like being paid to surf the internet on April 1st and collect links to jokes, do feel free to stay home with the blankets pulled over your head.  (Google's new Dial-Up Services will make certain you miss all the action.)  I'll take your place.  This is always a rough day for me -- it's the first day of the quarter, work is crazy, there's often other crap going on, and holy moly am I glad for the vast amounts of harmless, ridiculous, and sometimes hilarious folly going on.

Meanwhile, I had a lovely evening, and it's a real pity you didn't have fun too.  I wasted far too much time today on xkcd (aka xkcloud), and I'm in a splendid mood.  Also, a shopping site I'd never heard of has informed me that MacGyver bought one of their USB drives, and that alone was worth the trip.
Tags: nonsense, shiny things
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