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MacBeth lolmac wrote in bethinexile
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Google Gets It Right
I took the Earth Day quiz, and Google is proud to inform me:

You're a giant squid!

You can achieve anything to which you put your mind and/or your massive tentacles.

Hurrah!  Clearly, the pigeons know what they're doing.

I didn't know there was a quiz until I saw your post. Took it and got:

You're a woolly mammoth!So unique, you're technically extinct, but on the bright side scientists hope to be able to clone you some day!

That is a pretty cute quiz.

Clearly, you're a mammoth success.


Incidentally, I am a Pangolin.

Edited at 2015-04-23 04:41 (UTC)


Pangolins are Fine Things also.

Lothithil sez:

It is hard to be Humbolt :)

Re: Lothithil sez:

groan :D

I cannot do these things without going and playing around with them to see how changing a few answers will change things. I actually took a quiz that purported to tell me "my Scottish name" recently where taking it three times in a row with identical answers yielded Donal, Ailsa, and Iona. I chose Donal, because it promised me the chance to be a mighty warrior. Besides, it came first.

Anyway, the first time I did this one, I turned out to be a giant squid. I went back and changed one answer about how I would spend my evening (I'd vacillated between answers) and then it told me I was a pangolin.

I am delighted to be in such excellent company, whichever way I decide to spend my time!

We welcome you into the International Siblinghood of Squids, Pangolins, and Others!

"Life and ink, they run out at the same time, or so said my old friend the squid." - Jimmy Buffett, If I Could Just Get It On Paper ;)


You're a mantis shrimp!

Mysterious and beautiful, you’re not afraid to use your powerful claws to attack, stun, and dismember prey.

You also have really impressive colour vision. *g*

Hee!! I got the same result! That was fun! *Beams*

*waves a companiable tentacle*

What is the squid equivilent to a high five?

A deep ten?

For the record, being very tardy due to school stuff, I'm another one that got pangolin. It might not be the fire breathing scaled life form I generally prefer to think of myself as, but it very clearly has scale armor. :D