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peacock heart
MacBeth lolmac wrote in bethinexile
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Sobbing and Smiling
Because when you go here:  US Map of Marriage Equality by State

it shows the whole country.

ETA:  if you haven't already, type "gay marriage" into Google and hit enter.

*kicking and flapping and glee* :D

*all of the tackleglompsnuggles* ♥

*tackleglompsnuggles* back!!!!!!!!!

I've been watching this map for like half an hour, ever since someone else linked it to me.


It's a good day.


There are other, more complex maps, that show the entire ebb and flow -- state bans, state amendments, bans revoked, civil unions, etc. There's a really long-term one that runs from secrecy to backlash to positive gains. But it was the really simple map that simply showed the whole damned country that started the tears off. Damn, I don't often feel pride in country, even for a fleeting moment -- I think this is only the third time in my life.


Mine too!!!

(And somebody keeps Faving my tweets. Funny thing, that.) *G*

I never was so happy when I saw the headlines on my FB home page. :D I was liking just about every item that talked about this before I realized that I should probably stop. lol It's the BEST NEWS EVER!!!

*g* I see no reason to stop! I've been faving fabulous tweets from total strangers for the last two hours!

The only thing that would make that map better is a giant rainbow!

Oh, but it is a giant rainbow! Squint at it through eyes full of happy tears, and you'll see it!

I was waiting this morning, holding my breath a little. And then the news came and my personal social media timelines went absolutely mad with delight. Then my work social media went mad with delight - the director of diversity emailed to say that our chief legal counsel had called him, "audibly elated" (as she should be, she helped write a brief against DOMA) to tell him the news, and my work inbox is full of happiness too!

Amazing, I just didn't dare hope the decision would go entirely in favour of federal recognition of marriage equality. I thought this day was still a few years away. I worried that it'd come to the Supreme Court too soon. I am SO SO SO happy to be wrong.

I had been stolidly Not Thinking About It because I just couldn't. Now I can't concentrate!! And I don't care!!!

I got home from work today, saw my Facebook timeline (which was epic with it's positivity) and thought "I really MUST hit LJ tonight" :D ;)

Congratulations! I don't even live in your country and I frequently get so frustrated with what happens there - NOT TODAY!! :D

It's a good day. :) xxx

I got to feel genuinely proud of my country today, for about the third time in my entire life.

For another mainline injection of the happy, open twitter and follow the hashtag #LoveWins -- that's what I've been doing today!

I did and it was wonderful! I'm also loving how many rainbow profile pictures I'm seeing this weekend. :)

I'm not even in the US and this was still cause for lunchroom celebrations. A wonderful day.

Share the joy! There's plenty to go round!

I saw one hilarious comment along the lines of "finally, Canadians have lost one of their layers of moral superiority over us, as long as they don't talk about having done it all a decade ago . . . "

Aw, that really is the most amazing news! Hurrah! ♥

*claps wildly and wears girly scrubs* :D