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MacBeth lolmac wrote in bethinexile
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I'd Like to Thank the Academy
Cheers to my 5,900+ fellow Hugo voters!  I understand that Noaaw Ard and Noah Ward were gracious in victory last night.

And yay!  I can use the alternate universe Hugo ballot as a suggestion list for new things to read!

Noah Ward

I'm enjoying the Twitter hashtag #SaysTheSaddestPuppy and also laughing at Whining Puppies trying to re-frame this as a "victory" under the broader hashtag #HugoAwards.

Re: Noah Ward

"We won even though we lost! We totally did! Because we have our own definition of winning and it's the only one that matters to us!"

I got SUCH a kick out of GRRM's Alfie awards, too!

Re: Noah Ward

Such a relief to see Hugo voter participation increase and the speculative fiction "family" rally together for inclusivity & progress. I especially wanna go read stories by Annie Bellet now, since she declined her nomination after Sad Puppies endorsed her.

You've probably read that excellent Wired article already, but I'll link it here for people who need catch-up.

Re: Noah Ward

I did indeed read it! I got such a kick out of the picture of Liu and Chu in their conehead gear -- especially when I saw that Chu is wearing the JWC Award tiara on the damned cone! Hilarious!

I'm particularly pleased that our 5,900+ fellow Hugo voters didn't just rabidly vote down everything that was on the Sad/Rabid Puppies slate. While they gave No Award in each of the categories that where entirely loaded by the Puppies, they still gave Guardians of the Galaxy the Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form award. "No Award" was the biggest winner of the night taking five categories, but Marvel got two--winning with both GotG and with Ms Marvel in Graphic Novel. I'm a very happy fan of the Hugos, our fellow voters, and Marvel.

I think it made a difference to others, not just me, that although the Pups nominated GotG, they didn't have any hand in the work itself. Also, it was a really good movie! I like Captain America: Winter Soldier, but I enjoyed it less than GotG.

I think it made a difference to others, not just me, that although the Pups nominated GotG, they didn't have any hand in the work itself.

Yeah, while I'm sure it's lost on the Pups, I think GotG's win made it clear that the No Award votes weren't just about the Pups having done the nominating. The No Award votes were about who they nominated, and the quality of the work done by those nominees. I mean when there were not just categories full of Pup noms, not just full of Pups themselves, but a category where almost all of the noms were for one Pup? You could pretty much figure the material was crap without even reading it.

I like Captain America: Winter Soldier, but I enjoyed it less than GotG.

I know what you mean, and I love Steve and Bucky as played by Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan. Hell, as the awards have now been handed out, I'll admit I ranked CA:WS after both GotG and Edge of Tomorrow when I was voting. I thought EoT had really great use of time looping, while I mainly watch CA:WS for Chris and Seb.

I thought of you as soon as I heard the news! Thanks for your part in helping to maintain my faith in sf fandom. : )

*high-fives you*

Yay! I stayed up late to watch the Hugos come in -- first year I've followed any award this closely. It looks to me like the Puppy meddling has backfired in the best possible way. It's definitely gotten me to feel way more invested in contemporary writers than I have been, and I know it's had the same effect on other casual sf fans.

I'm definitely planning to read the alt ballot, and I know I'll be paying more attention to the Hugo noms next year, at the very least.

Anyway, THANK YOU FOR YOUR AWESOME VOTING. <3 And congratulations!

*grins and bows*

I get SUCH a kick out of the alternate-universe ballot being available. We've ended up with some quite tolerable lemonade out of this crop of lemons.



re: Noah Ward and The Rabid Puppies...

It was amazing to actually be at SASQUAN while this whole business reached a climactic showdown----and wonderful to see frequently-fractious S-F fans come together to stand up for the Hugo Award's integrity, and that of their community.

Interestingly, outside events reduced this whole imbroglio to a more rational level; the wildfires in Eastern WA were happening very close by, and Spokane was socked in by noxious smoke at one point. That, and the news that three firefighters were killed trying to control the blazes, made The Sad/Rabid Puppies seem as absurd as they were (and are). It was a grim but useful reminder that S-F fans can't isolate ourselves from reality any more than The Puppies can succeed in ignoring it.