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MacBeth lolmac wrote in bethinexile
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So, the new "MacGyver" . . .
Pilot episode airs tomorrow evening; yes, I'm watching it; possibly with alcohol at hand in case there's pain that will need dulling.

I'm not madly optimistic, but I'm not completely pessimistic either.  Some of what I've seen so far is reasonably promising; I'm also willing to cut them some slack for the first handful of episodes, because you have to do that with any new series.

But, o lordy, just based on press comments, the new producers have steered straight for some of the rocks.  At full speed.

Who else will be watching, and in what mindframe?  What tropes shall we use for the drinking game?  I'm expecting to chug at the inevitable fridging.

I didn't even know there was a new one! Will have to investigate for sure. :D


Investigate with caution; it's looking worse as the initial reviews roll in.

I'm curious, but also afraid--very afraid. O.O

RDA isn't involved with the MacGyver reboot. I trust his judgment.

RDA is the BEST. If I didn't already love him, I would have fallen for him at that announcement.

I figure this is one I'll need to take for the team, though. I think I'll livetweet it, if only to have the sense that warnings should be shared.

I could cry with joy at how much RDA values his fans & story continuity.

Wasn't RDA hoping for Mac to pass the torch to a Daughter or Niece MacGyver? That would be more 21st century, but it looks like producer Peter Lenkov would rather the reboot be more of a 90s-style explodey-action sausagefest.

I confess intregue. I won't be able to see it live but I'll check it out online, if I can.

I'm having a really hard time seeing Eads as Jack Dalton. I guess I am too used to seeing him in CSI:LV.

I have to work, so like Lothi, won't be watching live. Don't really have much interest, honestly, but wondering how it'll play out. Might tune in just to satisfy my curiosity about it.

I've been telling myself that that guy is someone else also named Jack Dalton -- because he clearly is. I suspect the blond kid is someone else also named MacGyver, but that remains to be demonstrated, or not. If not, he certainly stole Mac's jacket.

We're getting it about 2 weeks after you guys, but I will watch out of curiosity and admittedly a little schadenfreude... :P

Feel free to follow my Twitter feed this evening -- but there WILL be spoilers.

This is the first I've heard of it!

Though a friend did watch the first episode and said that the lead actor did kind of look like a young RDA at least. She found the show hilarious...