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Mac my ass
MacBeth lolmac wrote in bethinexile
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taking one for the team!
I think I'm going to livetweet the "MacGyver" premier, and make up the drinking game as I go.  Follow me if you dare!

(Also, I should note:  the quotation marks around the name "MacGyver" there are not because it's the name of a show.)

hahhaaaa I guess the reboot should've been spelled #McGuyver. It would make a more appropriate hashtag!

I look forward to drunktweets from https://twitter.com/MacBedh tonight ;)

LOL!! I'm not sure if I should be meh or worried (maybe both?) RDA was all for a new Mac and handing over the reins to Jared Padalecki twelve years ago (if I remember correctly) - even wanting to be in it so his 'nephew' could take over. But he is NOT on board with this one at all! Meh.

I'll watch. And likely cringe.


Give your keys to Missy! And probably wise to turn over the duct tape, SAK, and any potatoes you might have...


Put down the potato and move back slowly.

From your FB post, that sounds as if didn't go well...
I had no interest in this whatsoever, and now I have even less.

Let's get out our old DVDs.

I've been enjoying a fine rewatch of my DVDs, as well as a lot of lovely chats with my fellow fen!

Actually (because of the anniversary) I am at my second watch-through of TOS. Picking up on small things I missed the first time.

I'll report back if/when this not-MacGyver ever makes it to German TV.

Brilliant live tweeting! I was thinking of doing the same on FB when it airs here. Oh boy...

Ooooh, let me know when you do!! I wanna follow!

No way, no how, no no no. I just can't. I have seen trailers and decided this is not for me. I think the guy is very good looking (reminds me of Heath Ledger), but nooooooo waaaay is this MacGyver. I guess I'm just not a big fan of reboots. I refuse to diss him personally like some rabid RDA fans have, because I haven't watched it, and won't, so I don't feel I have the right to vent about the actor or his abilities. But what I saw wasn't even an echo on the Mac I love, respect and admire. So... shrugs.

Edited at 2016-09-25 10:11 (UTC)

Honestly, I feel sorry for the actors -- they're clearly fans of the show, and they think they've been given the chance to bring it back. Unfortunately, they've been handed a stink bomb. Not their fault, although I've seen Lucas Till getting a lot of raspberries from the critics. I don't think he's bad in the role; but the role itself is bad, and he's just plain way too young for it to make any sense.