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welcome to Florida
MacBeth lolmac wrote in bethinexile
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Storm Season Redux
Quick check-in here --

Yes, we're in the hurricane watch zone for Matthew; the current track has the eye sliding past us just off the coast, but with a Storm Of Unusual Size, we'll still get plenty of weather where we are, a few miles inland.  We're not in a flood zone, but we're expecting EPIC rain tomorrow and Friday, and stormy winds of great storminess.  I've been told to expect that the power will go out, and to hope it won't be out for more than a day.

We have hurricane supplies, including lots of water; the house is stoutly built, and we just got shiny new storm windows and doors installed in February.  These are windows of great windowfullness, let me tell you!  We did NOT have to bolt sheets of steel to the outside of the house this year, which is an exercise that I do not miss.

As soon as the storm is past and we have power and internets again, I will post again here and on Facebook, so you'll all know I'm okay.  Wish us luck and fair (or at least reasonably just) winds!

I was (and am!) rather worried!! You and M take care, okay?? I'm relieved you may not get the worst of it - and that your hatches are battened down with new shininess and battenedness. (That is SO a word!) Keep my fingers crossed and my thoughts with you both!

Good luck, honey...

*Sends hugs*

For some reason a great many people I know have somehow wandered off to live in Florida, and a few more are in the state for events planned before Matthew was consulted.

It sounds like you will be in pretty good wait it all out shape.

My elderly aunt in Charleston, SC, is in a nursing care facility as she recovers from life threatening leg infections (although she's past that stage and on the mend by now) and had to be part of the medical evacuations that are going on there.

I'm kind of hoping that some of the rain will be left over to come and visit us, preferably not of the Irene variety though. We could use a good soaking. It has been a summer of drought.

May your power stay on, your house stay dry, and your local village idiots stay inside where they can be safe until the danger has passed, and not go wading after!

I hope you stay safe and get to admire your fabby new doors and windows.

Thanks for keeping us updated. Glad to hear you're well prepared.

Best wishes for good luck and non-destructive winds!

Hang in there! Batten the hatches and trim the sails!