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MacBeth lolmac wrote in bethinexile
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All clear
*waves to internets*  We seem to be past the worst of what was, for us, a very minor tempest in a modest-sized teapot.  We had plenty of rain but no really bad gusts, and we lost power for a short period of time earlier this evening.  Everything is back now, at least for the moment. *knocks wood*  I havent had a chance yet to walk around the house and check, but we didn't have any really bad thumps or bumps or sounds of calamity.  Shoot, I'll probably have to go in to work tomorrow.

Everyone think good thoughts of the folks to the north of us -- they're in a lot more peril than we were.

Whew...definitely glad you're okay!! Big build up for a massive let down is a GOOD thing, in this case! Sending loads of love north, because yeah...things aren't going to be so hot for them...:(


Woo! Glad it came by your way without too much fuss. Looks like Haiti got a bashing again. Hoping for the best for everyone else in the path.

Very glad you're safe! Watching the news coverage has been making me very nervous for everyone living in that storm's path.

I'm glad to hear it! (Not that the folks north of you are in trouble, of course, but that you're not.)

Good to hear you're safe. I hope good thoughts will help those up North.


I'm especially gratified to know that the power interruption was brief. Having had over a week without before, I know how little fun that is. Not a danger to life and limb, yes, but a quiet drain on sanity. Why is it so much easier to handle in the woods than at home?

Yay! Good deal.